Cameron Ryou is the first Touhou OC thesonicmew ever made. He is a dragon and a resident of Youkai Mountain

Cameron's update appearance, as shown in "Goggles make everything cooler"

titles: Shooting-star dragon, Chaos dragon, Reptilian daredevil, El blob butt

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon Youkai

Age: 700

Current Location: youkai mountain

Occupation: Unknown

Powers: Pyrokinesis, Oni Strength, Retractable claw glove things, Summoning meteors and controlling their movements

DNA: 3.39:cameron ryou:80:253:173:219:190:85:4:0:0:92:126:0000D3

Likes: his friends, anything in the meat food group (except seafood), showing off, sunbathing, adventures.

Dislikes: Anyone that harms his friends, Gemstones (why do other dragons like them so much?!?), Sanae Kochiya, Mondays, being called Cammy or Camcakes, Scorpions.

Powers/Abilties[edit | edit source]

As a dragon, Cameron is physically powerful, being adept in both hand-to-hand, and swordfighting. Cameron is well known in Gensokyo for having the unique ability to summon giant meteors and crushing his opponents with it (He didn't get the title, "shooting star dragon" for nothing!)

in danmaku battles, uses his sword (which he calls, "The Sword of Hell's Fire") to shoot,  block Danmaku and is used as a danmaku item. Cameron is able to breath fire (like a lot of other dragons), form flames with his hand and launch em at his opponents, and can ignite any part of his body (if not, his entire body) with fire, without burning himself, or his clothes. he is unable to use his fire powers in the rain.

In his dragon form, Cameron retains most of his abilites yet is much stronger and much more defensive, in exchange for this, he is much slower and more vulnerable to a barrage of danmaku.

Relationships[edit | edit source]


Kiyohime (Friends)

Mephisto Faust (Friend, enemies when it comes to poker night)


Youmu Konpaku (Friend)

Marisa Kirisame (Friend)

Fujiwara no Mokou (Ally)

Kaguya Houraisan (Mutual Hatred)

Sakuya Izayoi (Ally)

Yukari Yakumo (Friend)

Ran Yakumo (Friend)

Chen (Babysitter?)

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Cameron is a humanoid dragon with blue wings and a blue tail with blue and silver hair. he wears a blue (male) kimono that has pant legs dons a blue robe on the upper part of his body and brown armor. It is unknown if he wears any type of shoes or not. His goggles are his most prized posession

In his dragon form, he takes the appearence of a beautiful/majestic 7 foot tall indigo japanese dragon. the ankles of both his front and back legs and engulfed in a albino colored flame that turn blue during combat. the hair on his back is also albino colored and his frontal legs have long and sharp claws that useful for close on combat.

Personallity[edit | edit source]

Cameron is known for being impulsive, short tempered, impatient, perferring to solve problems violently, and is a all-around idiot. most of the time however, Cameron is generally cheerful and docile (Though still stupid). Cameron cannot harm a human child ( "harming a human child is a grave sin and believe me, I have enough sins as it is." As said by Cameron himself) and is quite loyal to his friends, never breaking a promise (If it's reasonable) or letting them suffer.

Cameron also tends to say humorous (if not unnecessary/just plain rude) comments at numorous times and has a taste for classic books and crime movies.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cameron's favorite game is Poker (Texas, hold em to be exact).
  • Coincidentally zero also formerly lived in the underground at one point and was called a chaos dragon. However they have never met.
  • Cameron shares couple relations with another one of thesonicmew's oc: Cameron Cornelius Thing the 3rd, both are blue, are deadly with a sword, and both character's first names are "Cameron"
  • Despite never having been there (Till DIsgaea: Hour of Insanity), Cameron has more knowledge about the netherworld than anyone in Gensokyo
  • As shown in "Shiny Audinos bad." And "Mega Audinos bad" (The latter being in the gallery, Cameron has a full on Phobia of Audinos, and this has nothing to do with type advantages)
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