Conan's current default appearance

Name: Conan Edogawa

Titles: Kamen Rider Geki, King of Space (in an alternate universe)

Date of Birth: October 4, 1990

Species: Human

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Country of Origin: USA

Current Residence: Eientei

Occupation: Performs oddjobs as necessary

Abilities: Charm power, Kamen Rider abilities

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Gensokyo:[edit | edit source]

Merged Dimensions:[edit | edit source]

Unexpected Children:[edit | edit source]

Sliding Around:[edit | edit source]

Finally back:[edit | edit source]

The Future is in the Past (Onwards, Aoshima!):[edit | edit source]

Powers:[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

OCs:[edit | edit source]

Connie Edogawa - Genderswapped clone, "Twin sister"

Lilina Youseikyo - Girlfriend, Harem member

Ellie - Friend, Eventual harem member

Reiko "Udongawa Inaba" Edogawa - Future child

Inako Edogawa - Future child

Hakuru Edogawa - Future child

Kirika Edogawa - Future child

Cory Edogawa - Future child

Koushi Edogawa - Future child

Tsuko Kuroita - Friend, "Sister", Contract Summon

Hana Youkami - Adopted sister

Usausa - Genderswapped bunnified clone, "Little sister"

Tsukuha Youkami - Eventual adoptive mother

Boushiko - Hat, Friend

Shouaku no Hyouko - Backpack, Friend

Sana - Future pet and friend

Skye - Future pet and friend

Fuyuko - Friend, Brother-in-law

Kristaline - Robot maid

Shigure - N/A until used in story

Nadia - Friend, Possible future harem member

Kurisu Youseikyo - Future son-in-law

Koyomi Youseikyo - Future son-in-law

Warui/Aoi Kazesaki - Future son-in-law/nephew-in-law

Hikari Kadoya - Future sister-in-law

Haruna Tate - Future sister-in-law

Zero - "Archenemy"

Kaosu - Possible future daughter-in-law (ultimately depends how her and Cory's relationship pans out, but there's no evidence to currently suggest they won't last)

Paul Miller - Friend

Aeronator - Friend

Lisa - Friend

Shikima - Complicated

Seth - Friend

Swerve - Friend

Kukaki - Complicated

Casey - Friend

Satoshi - Friend

Asuka - Romantic interest, Eventual harem member

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