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Full Name: Joy West

Species: Fairy, Formerly Human

Titles: The Psychic Faemerican

AGE: 30

Height: 3' In small form, 5'8" in big form

Weight: That... Is a secret

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Current Residence: Palace of Animals

Occupation: Accountant's assistant

Abilities: Telepathy, Psychic link to Kuroi.

Relationships:[edit | edit source]

Kurisu Youseikyo - Friend, crush

Kuroi Mihama - Lover

Makoto Mihama - Lover's dog

Yukiko Kasuga - Friend

Mara - Friend

Casey Asakura - Friend

Liberty - Friend

Touhou canon characters:[edit | edit source]

Hong Meiling - Co-worker

Koakuma - Co-worker

Sakuya Izayoi - Co-worker

Remilia Scarlet - boss

Biography:[edit | edit source]

A child who discovered a special talent for mind-reading after she had been dragged to the world of Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon) and returned, Joy was careless with her abilities and it cost her on a family trip to Japan when the Yakuza found out what she could do. She ended up sharing the fate of a new friend she had made, Kuroi, and was turned into a fairy, eventually rescued by Remilia. Joy tried her best to do maid work but her powers left her clumsy due to picking up the thoughts of others, so Remi eventually transferred her to work with Kuroi.

Explanation of Abilities:[edit | edit source]

Joy can read minds and when linked up to Kuroi's mind through their powers, can see the future.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Joy has an uncle named Adam who played Batman.
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