Kagome and her pink top hat.

Full Name:Kagome Mizuhara

Species: Kappa

Titles: Cybermaster of the mountain

AGE: 92

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150

Birthplace: Riverside

Virus-Busting Kagome

Current Residence: Server farm

Klutzy Klutzy Kagome

Occupation: Webadmin, Server

Abilities: Control of Machines (Cyberpathy)


Lilina Youseikyo - Friend with benefits

Akiko Hisakawa - Cousin

Naoru Tekai - Minion

Aoi kazesaki - Collaborator

Touhou canon characters:

Nitori Kawashiro - Co-worker

Mima - Master

Reimu Hakurei - "Niece"

Rika - Student

Rikako Asakura - Collaborator

Yumemi Okakazi - Collaborator

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa - Collaborator

Biography: Hatched on the side of a river, Kagome is a kappa with a love of dance and a gift for machinery. Though she tries to deal with chemicals at times, she's VERY bad at it, one time even deforming her own feet, leaving her permanently clumsy. Kagome is the basis for Gensokyo's internet, being the main server to connect it. This leaves her low on sleep and high on tolerance for idiocy. And nearly impossible to gross out, since she's seen it all. Currently trying to build a time-travel device that doesn't follow Dragonball Z time travel rules. She's been assigned to admin the net since as the server, nobody can get to problems faster and is Gensokyo's Anti-virus program of choice (Kaguya uses Avast) Which leads to Kagome often entering the cyber world to bust viruses, the Battle Network way.

Explanation of Abilities: Kagome can manipulate the outcome of a machine's work as long as it's in not physically impossible. It remains untested how advanced the machine needs to be for her to be able to affect it.


  • Kagome was going to be the Mihoshi to Nitori's Washu or the Deedee to Nitori's Dexter originally.
  • Her favorite dance is the Lambada
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