Sagashi s makoto by megagundamman-d3418a4

Makoto being sexy. Drawn by Mega Gundam Man

Full Name: Makoto Mihama

Species: Wolf Youkai

Titles: Loyal Ferocious Golden Wolf

AGE: Unknown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Depends on her robes

Birthplace: Nagi, Okayama (life as dog), Palace of Animals, Gensokyo (life as wolf, then youkai)

Current Residence: Palace of Animal

Occupation: Shikigami

Abilities: Manipulation of Gold


Kuroi Mihama - Owner, master

Youseikyo family - Owner's friends

Kurisu Youseikyo - Cuddle supply

Yukiko Kasuga - Chocolate supply

Canon Character RelationshipsEdit

Momiji Inubashiri - Friend

Sakuya Izayoi - Treat supply

Remilia Scarlet - Skritchies supply


Purchased as a pet for Kuroi when she was a golden retriever puppy, Makoto loved her master, then the Yakuza Godfather'd her. She was reborn as a wolf pup at the Palace of Animals, where she eventually reunited with Kuroi.

Explanation of AbilitiesEdit

Makoto can turn things to gold and back. Doing so makes Goldfinger a sad panda

Trivia Edit

  • Makoto wasn't originally going to have an ability until she was given a punny one and it just stuck
  • Kurisu calls Makoto his snuggle pup, since before she attained human form, she was his lovable housepet and spent nights at the foot of his bed. She still gets cuddles from him even as a youkai.
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