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Name : Supermark

Title : The nuclear gentleman.

Age : 20.

Height : 1 M 86.

Weight : 60 kilos.

Birthplace : France.

Current Residence : His own house, near the eientei.

Occupation : Massage therapist, Video maker, Running, Drink tea, Waiter; Guardian.

Abilities : Tea manipulation, running, gentleman's art, Healing throught hope, Bunnies !, Feelings.

Music theme : Ghost trick - Main theme / Ultimate marvel VS capcom - Theme of phoenix wright.


Ghost Trick - Main Theme


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Phoenix Wright

And the running Supermark :


MLP Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme

Biography : Supermark was a good and shy child when he changed school for the first time. He got bullied and beaten up every single day. But an old lady who was working here as a monitor. She protected him, and for 1 year and a half, taught him everything that could have been told about the lady's life. But one day, the lady asked him to make a promise.

"I taught you everything you need to grow up in the best possible ways...

I want you to become the husband i never had, i want you to become a gentleman, i want you to become perfection."

Supermark promised... and the next day, he learned the death of the lady.

From that day forward, Supermark is keeping this promise.

At about 14 years old, a heart disease has been discovered on him.

But throught meditation, he survived, and he is fighting every day, like if it was the last.

His arrival in Gensokyo was quite shocking, due to the fact that he almost got killed by Utsuho Reiuji, but Supermark survived by offering her some tea. Utsuho shared a bit of nuclear power into his tea, to boost it up and to prevent some of his heart pain.

Weapon : His two beebee handgun. Bottles of hot tea.

Description [edit | edit source]

  • Supermark is really good with magic, and average with ranged attack.
  • Supermark is more of the defense oriented type. With a lot of speed, agility and willpower. But he is REALLY lacking of brute strenght.
  • Supermark is a gentleman. For all the ladies in his team, supporting him, he'll get bonuses on his stats.

Pros :[edit | edit source]

  • Speed, Discretion, Diplomatics.
  • Get really pumped up in order to serve ladies.
  • Able of being a Medic.

Cons :[edit | edit source]

  • Really lacking of brute strenght
  • Really dependent of his tea
  • Refuse to fight ladies. (Unless they plan on harming other ladies.)
  • Heart disease. (Giving pain strikes at random.)

Special [edit | edit source]

  • Black birds wings on his back.
  • Always a LOT of stuff on him.
  • Can be-friend almost anyone with his diplomatics.
  • Tranformation into bunny or bird.
  • Can be assisted by his good and bad side.
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