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Full Name:Yukiko Kasuga

Species: Fairy

Titles: Harbinger of Joy

AGE: 65 for current life, But has been around since at least before 1797

Height: 3' in small form, 5'9" in large

Weight: N/A (Doesn't share)

Birthplace: Faerie

Current Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion

Occupation: Maid, Familiar of Sakuya Izayoi

Abilities: Manipulation of happiness


Kuroi Mihama - Friend

Joy West - Friend

Mara - Fellow emotion fairy

Ciel - Fellow emotion fairy, Former girlfriend

Shahei - Friend

Touhou canon characters:

Sakuya Izayoi - Master

Remilia Scarlet - Employer

Flandre Scarlet - Employer's sister

Patchouli Knowledge - Employer's friend

Mima - Former employer

Marisa Kirisame - Former employer's adopted daughter

Rika - Former employer's adopted daughter

Biography: A member of the Kasuga clan of Fairies by creation, Yukiko once served Alucard as a fairy familiar, who eventually passed the familiar contract on to the Belmonts. Eventually, the contract was opened again by Sakuya Yagokoro-Belmont, who proceeded to make good use of having help with learning the family trade. One day, they went up against the Scarlets and Yukiko ran afoul of Flandre's powers, being sent straight to the local yama. However, due to the contract still being in play, Yukiko can only truly be sent to the afterlife when her master is, so she was sent back, but to Gensokyo. When she found her master again, she quickly joined back up, and remains by her side to this day.

Explanation of Abilities: Yukiko can make people happier by using her power. it's also her food source, so to speak. Making people happy gives her energy.


  • Yukiko was the first OC created by Sagashi, designed to be a contrast to the lazy fairies they seem to normally have at the SDM.
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